New policies in response to the coronavirus outbreak
To help protect your family, the families of our team members and the communities we serve, Quackt Glass will be temporarily suspending the act of greeting customers with a hand shake. Quackt Glass will also temporarily limit sales representatives from entering our office until further notice.
We have the ability to service your vehicle at your home or workplace. To adhere to the CDC recommendation of “social distancing”, should you choose mobile service you can leave your keys in a safe place to limit interaction with our mobile technician.

Quackt Glass technicians will have gloves on as they approach your vehicle, and will continue our safe practices by hand-washing, sanitizing and changing gloves after each installation.

In the event you need to come to our location, we have cleaned and sanitized our work environment including all door handles, light fixtures, bathrooms and all of our public seating areas.

While we strive to do our part to help keep our community safe, please know that WE ARE OPEN and ready to help. We can assist you by phone or email. Call us at 803-765-2765 or email us at

Thank you for your understanding as we do our best to positively impact all of the communities that we serve!

Patricia Smiley

Quackt Glass, President